Our Mission

Making every event unique through creative vision , attention to detail, and personalized service.  We strive to exceed your expectations and provide a “one-stop-shop” experience.

Our Story

The WV Event Pros started out as just a few small business owners networking with each other in order to enhance each other's business and provide a professional service to their clients. From there, they began to see the value they were able to bring as a group and decided that they needed more professionals to help keep up with the demand. Starting out with only 6 original members, the WV Event Pros have grown to a 30 plus professional network bringing together decades of experience and event crushing expertise!

Next Steps...

If you are in the planning stages of your next event, then you need to fill out our quick and easy qualification form. You will be asked exactly what types of services you are looking for and from there directed to the proper channels. Please be assured your information is confidential and secure. Click the "Get Started Now!" button to begin planning your next event! Cheers!